Lifetime Protection &
Peace of Mind
A Win-Win
For Dealers and Drivers
Dealers protect their inventory and customers get lifetime protection on the sections of the vehicle most prone to chipping, dents and scratches.
Guaranteed compliance for the Dealer and clear pricing for the customer.
Better looking vehicles from the showroom all the way to vehicle trade-in or sale, dealers and customers both win!
Little Flaws Are A Big Deal
We're Experts At Protecting Your Investment
Largest and fastest growing paint protective film company in the U.S.
Over 1 million cars protected
Millions saved for dealer compliance and customer trade-in fees
We proudly serve all auto manufacturers and work with some of the largest dealer groups in the country

Door Handle Protection

Every time you reach for a door, you create a tiny scratch. Fingernails, jewelry, keys -- little things can create big problems over time. Protect your vehicles with Mobile Clear Shield handle cup inserts -- precision-cut, state-of-the-art paint protection film from 3M.

Door Edge Protection

The most common threat to vehicles happens whenever someone opens a car door. Tight spaces, careless kids, and concrete walls can chip paint and ding edges. Mobile Clear Shield's door edge guards save you from dings and dents with tough, durable, invisible 14-mil protection, guaranteed for life.


Loading and unloading the trunk -- not to mention walls, shopping carts, and cars -- are why you want Mobile Clear Shield’s Rear Bumper Applique. Protect your backside from bumps and scratches, corrosion and abrasion, as well as rock chips, UV exposure, and acid rain.
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Custom Addenda

Your job is selling cars, not printing addenda.
Our custom addenda system is an automated, foolproof system that:

  • Provides clear and consistent pricing
  • Is timely, accurate, fully compliant
  • Shows added-value options specific to each vehicle

Franchising Opportunities

Mobile Clear Shield is taking reservations from potential Franchisees.

Mobile Clear Shield provides franchisees with expert training for installation and creation of custom addenda along with all aspects of owning and operating a thriving business.

If you would like to reserve your spot for this exciting franchise opportunity,


New York, Chicago, Philidelphia, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Jacksonville,
Detroit, El Paso, Memphis and many more. Call for updated list and to schedule interview.

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